INDOOR 2020-21 COACH INFO - for parents and team personnel

  • Community Teams (U5 to U9)
  • Zone Teams (U7D - U19)
    • Zone Coach Package 
    • Zone Coach Announcements
    • Zone Team Contacts - please contact the office or 306-975-3413


The purpose of the Saskatoon Youth Soccer (SYSI) Honorarium's is to show support and appreciation to each of our dedicated volunteers. The honorarium is available to non-paid community soccer coordinators, all non-paid team personnel and non-paid zone registrars who have registered their association’s teams with SYSI leagues for the Indoor 2019 Season. The amount of the honorarium varies depending on the number and type of requirements met on the check-list. Only completed applications will be accepted. See application deadlines below:

  • Team Personnel Honorarium Application 

 FIRST TIME MINI COACHES: Is this your first season coaching? You have a team name and roster but what should you do first?

  • Schedule a first practice.
  • Review the Community Coach Package and League Rules
  • Check the SYSI website for upcoming coach clinics and sign up for a clinic through your Community Soccer Coordinator. (U5-U9 clinics are free)
  • Introduce yourself to the parents of the team prior to the first practice through email or text message. 
  • Contact the team's Community Soccer Coordinator to collect the team's equipment prior to the first practice.
  • Plan your first practice. Visit some of our great website resources listed below under Coach Resources.
  • Keep the parents updated with upcoming practices, tournaments and games through email or text message.
  • Remember too have fun!!



  • Coaching Certification refers to a coach being able to complete a coaching course and gain advancement of knowledge at a particular level that would better his or her skills in the teaching the game of soccer thus becoming certified. 
  • Registration: Every coach, assistant coach, manager, and volunteer parent or volunteer participating in any on field activities with the team has to be registered and insured through SSA. This does not mean certified with the correct coaching certification but registered to show due diligence in terms of insurance and registered to help the operations of the association in offering grass roots programming, referee & coaching clinics and the day to day operations that exist in running the SSA.
  • The SSA hereby requires that all coaching staff on the bench be age appropriately certified pursuant to the provisions of the SSA coaching program as conducted by the CSA when a team is participating in a recognized SSA “Provincial” competition(s), PSL games, inter-provincial and international matches. The criteria for head and assistant coaches are listed below.
  • Starting 2014 the Community Coach Child, Youth, Senior Certifications has no longer been recognized.
  • Enter the technical training stream by registering in the appropriate clinic based on the age group you are coaching:  
Age Groups
NCCP Certification
Making Ethical
course & Online
(2 steps)
True Sport
Clean 101
and role of
in Sport
Criminal Record Check

Active Start

Not required

Not required

Mandatory Minimum 1 on the bench    

Not required

All team personnel       
All Team Personnel To Register Each Season
Any individual who sits on the bench during an SYSI league game assists the team during SYSI league play.


Minimum every 2 years or sooner if Zone policy differs.


Any team personnel interacting with players must provide criminal record check with vulnerable sector to their zone or community.      

U7 - U9

Minimum 1 coach 

1 coach

U11 - U13

Learn to Train
Minimum 1 coach

U15 - U19
Soccer for Life
Minimum 1 coach
Minimum 1 coach

Provincials U15-U19

Soccer for Life
Minimum 1 coach

All head, assistant, and apprentice / developmental coaches
All coaching staff
Minimum 1 coach and 1 non-coach on the bench 

Outdoor Provincial Soccer League


Mandatory 2021

CSA C-License Certified
Head Coach
C-License Certified
Assistant Coach
C-License Trained

All head
assistant, and apprentice / developmental
All head, assistant, and apprentice / developmental coaches 
One same gender head coach or assistant coach on bench at all times AND same gender one non-coach to be identified in advance of each game (manager or trainer)  
One member of the team personnel for each PSL team  
Outdoor Provincial Soccer League

Mandatory 2021

B License Part 1 Trained or
CSA Youth License Trained
Head Coach
C-License certified
Assistant Coach
C-License trained
Apprentice/developmental coach





  • U5-U19 - Respect In Sport Certification (RiS): ONLINE COURSE - FREE - All coaches and team personnel MUST complete RiS prior to participating in their first SYSI league game. The provincial government and Sask Sport reached an agreement regarding Respect in Sport Certification (RiS). All sports in the province are now required to ensure that their Coaches and Team Personnel are certified in RiS. The SSA is committed to creating a sport environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Coaches and Team Personnel have a responsibility to create a sporting environment that is free of harassment, abuse, bullying and neglect. The RiS course takes 3 hours online and is free of charge. RiS is available free of charge to all registered coaches and team personnel in Saskatchewan through the SSA and Sask Sport. To complete the RiS training program a computer and Internet connection are required. The program takes approximately three hours to complete and is divided into six separate modules. The RiS program does not have to be completed at one sitting. The program knows where the coach has left off and brings the coach back to that point upon the next sign-in. When the program has been completed a Certificate of Completion can be printed.
  • U7-U19 - NCCP Making Ethical Decisions (MED) & Online Evaluation:Tues Nov 10, Tues Nov 24, Tues Dec 1; SaskSport Building, 510 Cynthia St, Fee: $35 - For more information about Making Ethical Decisions visit After completing the MED Clinic you will then need to complete the online evaluation, which is free, to complete your MED certification. You can skip the in-person MED clinic and take the MED certification directly online but it will cost $85 instead of the $35 in-person clinic fee. For more info about the online evaluation:
  • U15-U19 NCCP Making Head Way - Soccer eLearning module: ONLINE MODULE - FREE - SSA for right now has only mandated this for those coaching U15 - U19, but we do encourage ALL SYSI coaches to take this. Making Head Way was developed by Canada's Active and Safe initiative to reduce the number of brain injuiries that occurs in team sports, and to improve coaches decision-making process about when it is safe to allow their player to return to play after a head injury. The module takes approximately 60-90 minutes to complete and includes the following topics: What to do to prevent concussions, how to recognize the signs and symptoms, what to do when you suspect your player has a concussion and how to ensure your player returns to play safely.

Additional Training & Development Opportunities:

  • Aboriginal Coaching Module (Free) TBA, Saskatoon SK. The Aboriginal Coaching Modules were designed to provide culturally relevant courses for coaches and people working with Aboriginal youth and athletes. 
    • Additional Resources: 
  • Keeping Girls In Sport Training ($17 Online Learning) - Highly encouraged for those coaching coed or female teams.
  • Commit To Kids ($12 Online Learning). The Commit to Kids (C2K) for Coaches online training empowers coaches with practical information to help them enhance child and youth safety in sport. It highlights the importance of understanding boundaries, sexual misconduct and reporting inappropriate behaviour.

Starting Outdoor 2020 Coach Clinics will use a blended format including online (Google classroom) and in-person (on-field). Coaches will register for the online portion of the clinic through the SYSI registration link provided below and once registered you will receive a confirmation email that will contain a link and code to access the google classroom. Coaches can complete the online modules at their own pace, but please ensure you have completed the online modules before registering for the on-field portion. There is currently a suspension on all sanctioned Soccer activities due to COVID-19 and until further notice there will be no on-field sessions being held. We encourage all coaches to take this time to complete the online modules and information will be provided at a later time on how to complete the on-field portion. Click here to learn how to register for the coach workshop and how to access the online modules via Google classroom.

 U5: Active Start FUNdamentals: 

  • The focus of the Active Start (U5) workshop is on teaching basic skills and basic physical literacy.
  • Pre-requisites: None; Coaches need to be 16 years of age to register.
  • Online classroom duration: Approx. 2-3 hours
  • On-Field Practical Duration: 1 hour
    • On-field registration
      • When: TBA
      • Time: TBA
      • Where: SaskTel Sports Centre, 150 Nelson Road
      • Cost: $0 for SYSI coaches; Cost: $45 for Non-SYSI coaches
      • Click here to register

U7 - U9: FUNdamentals 

  • The focus of the FUNdamentals (U7 & U9) workshop is on learning how to develop the ABCs of movement: Agility, Balance, Coordination and speed, while running a practice session that is fun, safe, and keeps children actively engaged.
  • Pre-requisites: None: Coaches need to be 16 years of age to register.
  • Online classroom duration: Approx. 2-3 hours
  • On-Field Practical Duration: 2 hours
    • On-field registration
      • When: TBA
      • Times: TBA
      • Where: SaskTel Sports Centre, 150 Nelson Rd
      • Cost: $0 for SYSI Coaches; Cost $85 for Non-SYSI coaches
      • Click here to register

U11-U13: Learn to Train

  • The emphasis of the Learn to Train (U11 & U13) workshop is on technical and tactical development within a small sided game environment (6v6, 7v7, 8v8, and 9v9). You'll learn how t oteach basic principles of play and how to establish training ethics and discipline in a fun and challenging environment.
  • Pre-requisites: None: Coaches need to be 16 years of age to register.
  • Online classroom duration: Approx. 2-3 hours
  • On-Field Practical Duration: 4 hours
    • On-field registration
      • When: TBA
      • Times: TBA
      • Where: SaskTel Sports Centre, 150 Nelson Rd
      • Cost: $0 for SYSI Coaches; Cost $130 for Non-SYSI coaches
      • Click here to register

U15-U19: Soccer for Life: 

  • At this Soccer for Life (U15 - U19) stage, skill training demands and training loads are increased to develop and refine skills and tactics. Tactical awareness becomes an increasingly important facet of training, alongside mental toughness, concentration, and diligence. Elite soccer groups may express interest in recruiting talented young players, but coaches and parents should be careful to recognize and protect the long-term interests of each athlete. Game formats develop from 8v8 to 11v11 (although no 11v11 prior to 13 years of age) as players grow through this stage, and the season moves toward year-round play that includes appropriate rest and recovery periods.
  • Pre-requisites: None; Coaches need to be 16 years of age to register.
  • Online Theory Duration: 2-3 hours
  • On-Field Practical Duration: 4 hours
  • On-Field Practical Duration: 4 hours
    • On-field registration
      • When: TBA
      • Times: TBA
      • Where: SaskTel Sports Centre, 150 Nelson Rd
      • Cost: $TBA for SYSI Coaches; Cost $155 for Non-SYSI coaches
      • Click here to register

 CSA 'C' License 

  • Coaching Stream: Licensing Stream
  • Course Duration: The C-License program entails a minimum of 12 months and maximum of 18 months of work.
  • Course Description: The C-License workshop is the entry level course for the Licensing Stream pathway and prepares the coach to progress to the Development Stream (Children), Development Stream (Youth) or Performance Stream The C Licence involves the facilitation of learning opportunities for the coach to develop an understanding of the coaching process. The C Licence content involves theoretical and practical components focusing on holistic, effective coaching. The workshop covers content including: vision, mission, and values; Understanding the person, the practice & the play; Mental Health and wellbeing in coaching; Safe sport; The coaching process; Designing and delivering a traininig session; Introduction to the Principles of Play; Developing the individual player; Introduction to presentation skills; Introduction to the use of technology in coaching.Candidates will apply the knowledge gained on the course in their club or academy environments prior to delivering a practical session at their club for review. Practical sessions will be submitted via video for review, which will allow coaches to work with their own players in their club environments. Ongoing engagement in the online, in-class and on-field experience is required.
  • Course Deliverence: The course work will be done as a group (synchronous) and other classwork that the coach can do on their own time and pace (asynchronous). There are four online class workshop sessions that coaches will be required to attend. 
    • Jan 12, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Welcome and Introduction (Block 1 review)
    • Jan 26, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Block 2 review
    • Feb 9, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Block 3 review
    • Feb 23, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Block 4 review
  • Course Outcomes: Upon successful completion of the C Licence, the coach will be able to demonstrate the competencies associated with designing and delivering an effective and efficient session plan.
  • C-License Pre-requisites:
    • Respect in Sport Activity Leader Program
    • NCCP Making Ethical Decisions and/or Online Evaluation
    • NCCP Making Headway
    • NCCP Emergency Action (EAP)
  • License Validity: The C Licence is valid for a period of five (5) years. At the end of the 5-year validity period, the C Licence may be renewed by following the Canada Soccer Maintenance and Renewal process.
  • Target Candidate: The target candidate for the C Licence is currently coaching players and has a desire to further their knowledge and skills in coaching.
  • Admission Criteria:
    • Currently in or seeking a coaching role.
    • Endorsement of Provincial/Territorial Member Association and current club/academy;
  • Admission Process: Coaches wishing to apply for the C Licence must do so via their respective Provincial/Territorial Member Association.
  • Course Fee: Determined by Provincial/Territorial Member Association
  • Click here to register

 CSA Children's License

  • Coaching Stream: Children's Development Stream
  • Course Duration: 9 days of in-person workshops + online modules + video evaluation process
  • Course Objectives:The Children’s Licence has been built as an A Licence equivalent for coaches working with children between the ages of 5-12. The Licence aims to provide coaches with the tools they need to create the best development environments for as many players as possible at their club/academy.The Children’s Licence content involves theoretical and practical components focusing on children’s development in soccer. The workshop covers content including: Practice theory, social/emotional development of children, challenging players, developing creativity, talent identification and development, the role of maturation in youth soccer, small-sided games, grouping players & appropriate competition. Candidates will apply the knowledge gained on the course in their club or academy environments. Evaluations will be via video submission, which will allow coaches to work with their own players.
  • Evaluation Criteria: Candidates will be evaluated throughout the workshop on the following aspects: Ongoing participation and contribution to the in-class and on-field experience, completion of Modular Workbooks, completion of Coaching Reflection Log, completion of online workshops and associated tasks, completion of all assigned topics and video evaluations.
  • Target Candidate: Those coaches working actively within Children’s soccer, including full or part-time staff coaches.
  • Admission Criteria: Successful candidates are required to have the following certifications:
    • Canada Soccer ‘C’ Licence (or higher certification)
    • Active Start, Fundamentals and Learn to Train Community Stream Workshops (2019 - strongly recommended; 2020 - required)
  • Course Fee: $1,800.00
    • Cost includes: Access to online learning management system; Canada Soccer branded Nike kit (not including boots and trainers); access to Canada Soccer session planning software (1-year subscription); all course components and equipment, including notebooks and course material; lunch on each day of the in-person workshops.
  • To apply, please please complete the Canada Soccer Coach Education Application.

 CSA Youth License

  • Coaching Stream: Youth Development Stream Course Duration The Youth Licence program is delivered over a total of 15 in-person workshop days divided into 4 or 5 blocks delivered over a period of 12-18 months, including the following: Online modules; 4 or 5 in-person workships blocks (3 or 4 days in length0; Classroom, field and online course work; In situ demonstrations of comeptency recorded and submitted via video.
    • Course Description: The Youth Licence workshop is the Development Stream pathway for coaches working with players between the ages of 13-18. The Youth Licence continues the facilitation of learning opportunities for the coach to work effectively with youth players in the Development Stream. The Youth Licence content involves theoretical and practical components focusing on holistic, effective coaching of youth players in the Development Stream. The workshops cover content including: Vision, Mission, Values; Understanding the Person, the Practice & the Play; Mental Health and Wellbeing in coaching; Physical, Cognitive and Social-Emotional development of youth Safe Sport; Tactical periodization; Building your own game model; Understanding and teaching the Roles and Responsibilities of all playing positions; Understanding and developing individual and team tactical strategies related to youth players; Developing presentation and communication skills; Use of technology in coaching youth players; Match analysis in youth soccer

CSA 'B' License Part 1

  • The aim of this program is to educate the candidates in the practical and theoretical developments in modern soccer, so that they may devise, organize, conduct and evaluate coaching sessions in basic and advanced skills, tactics, strategies and systems of play. Candidates will also better understand and employ the complimentary managerial, medical and coach-related aspects, appropriate to the role of the coach at the beginner through to the competitive level. Pre-requisites: Certified C License or Previous holders of Provincial B (see important note below here), Pre-requisites: NCCP Module Make Ethical Decisions/Evaluation. This is a Pass/Fail course.TBA
  • Please note:
    • Prior to December 31, 2019 - It is highly recommended that preceding Provincial B holders audit the CSA B License Part 1 before progressing on to the CSA B License Part 2
    • After December 31, 2019 - Preceding Provincial B holders must audit the CSA C License and retake the CSA B License Part 1, before progressing on to the CSA B License Part 2.

CSA 'B' License Part 2  

  • This course deals more in depth with tactics and technical sessions. The coaches are required to attend this 7 day course, which includes performing in tactical and technical sessions, plus coaching two practice sessions and an oral interview. This is a Pass/Fail course. This courses targets those coaches who work with senior academy, University/College or senior age players. You must have Canada Soccer B License Provincial (or higher) & NCCP Making Ethical Decisions (certified)

 For more information on coach certification streams click on the SSA Website

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